How To Circle Plan

This was the major reason behind creating The Circle Planner. I felt like I wasn’t ever working towards anything consistently and also missing out on things because I just wasn’t organised enough to make them happen! 

The goals are split into 6 key areas: Career, Personal, Relationships, Financial, Travel and Bucket List.

The Career and Financial sections are pretty black and much do you want to save? Make a plan to clear a credit card or maybe starting a new career or business. Perhaps 2019 is the year you write your book! 

The others are my favourites and the ones that really make you think and I hope will make a big difference to your life. All of the sections are designed for you to apply them to your own life in a way that makes sense to you. 


This is anything to do with you and your health and wellbeing. Maybe you want to get healthier, or start training for an event. Or perhaps the focus is to work on your mental health. Use this section to focus *entirely* on you and what you want to achieve. 


I think we can all agree that spending time with certain people can change the way we feel and sometimes we don’t focus as much time as we should on nurturing relationships. This applies to partners, family, friends and children. Maybe you want to start a new relationship or see your best friend who moved to the other side of the country. Or maybe you need to focus on what’s right under your nose! For example, a 2019 goal for me is that I really want to maintain the good relationship with my 13 year old daughter and my plan is she still sees me as her friend when she’s 14. So when I look back on this page I will make sure I’m adding to my monthly plan ‘Date with Mia’. It sounds almost silly writing down a reminder to spend time with my child but too easily time disappears and this small act can make all the difference. I can tell you right now that Mia and I are going to dinner on 13th January and she’s going to tell me all about her school life and some boy’s name will be mentioned 213 times (who’s just her friend, like her best, best friend). And I can’t wait. 


This of course is for those amazing destinations you want to finally visit but also for the little things just around the corner. That market you’ve seen on Instagram, or maybe coffee by the river. Every single year without fail I get Christmas at Kew envy. And by the time I remember it’s always sold I’ve already written on my November travel section to book tickets! 

Bucket List

This is the fun section! I would love to say I’ve added jumping out of a plane but that’s just ridiculous I’m not doing that. I have however added ‘learn to cook excellent dim sum’. I’ve been saying for about 4 years I want to do a cooking course and obviously have never booked anything. I will be making the best dim sum you’ve ever tasted by this space :) 

This is the section to have fun with and when you sit down and think about the little things you would like to do and write them down it makes you feel excited and want to get on with it. Try it! 

At the end of each month there is space to review your goals and celebrate the wins. You can also evaluate what went well and identify what could be done better. 

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to use your goal setting pages and would absolutely love to hear about yours! 

Circle Love,