The Circle 3 Goalsetting Journal

A powerful daily planner to organise every aspect of your life and enable you to reach your goals. 

The Circle3 is a 13 week (3 month), undated planner so you can start at any time of the year. It has been designed for people with a lot on their minds. Ideal for business owners, those with children, or perhaps you want to write a book or lose weight - or maybe all of the above! 

By setting goals every 3 months and working towards these in a structured, organised way makes success inevitable. The Circle3 Planner has been made for people with big dreams and enables you to work towards them whilst simultaneously decluttering your mind of your tasks and assigning times to achieve them.  

How to use the Circle 3 Planner

At the start of your planner use the goal pages to define up to 3 things you want to achieve over the coming 13 weeks. This could be anything at all from the small things like clearing the garden shed to the big goals such as training for a sporting event or starting a business.

Imagine what you could achieve in 3 months with clearly defined goals and a plan to get there.