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The 2023 Circle Planner is now in stock!

About Us

About Us

Lifelong friends Carla Pyke and Verity Quirk set up The Paper Design Company in 2018.

Carla and Verity were juggling busy jobs, childrens’ schedules and entrepreneurial side-hustles and were feeling overwhelmed with life and work tasks.

They felt passionately that there was a better was to plan their lives successfully and manage their goals in a way that enhanced their sense of personal wellness.

No planners on the market combined an inspiring, highly customisable layout with a striking contemporary design and luxury finish…

So, they created The Circle Planner.

In alchemical symbolism the circle is the centre point of focus and symbolises continued workflow and achievement, the ultimate purpose of their beautiful range of planners.

Since launching and growing their range of stunning planners Circle has enjoyed huge success and sold out year after year, with loyal fans from across the globe claiming they can’t live without theirs.

Circle continues to empower overwhelmed people to take control of their life, plan well and achieve their most important goals to enhance a sense of personal wellness.


Plan your work. Work your plan.


"Women's friendships are like a renewable source of power"

Jane Fonda


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