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How I plan {An interview with wedding photographer Verity Quirk}

I thought it would be fun to interview people who have Circle Planner's and have a little nosey in their lives and hear how they use their Planner! First up is Verity Quirk, a London wedding photographer

So tell us a bit about yourself!

I'm a 36 year old wedding photographer from SE London and my favourite 3 things are: food and wine with friends, pretty 50's dresses and red lipstick (Rouge D'Armani is the ONLY true red lipstick in my opinion!)  

Do you normally buy a Planner? 

Every year. I have done since I was 19. I don't always use them as planner's though - sometimes more like a journal of things I have done. I could tell you right now the date of every relationship starting and ending and every period I have ever had!

When do you normally start planning for the New Year?

This year is a little different for me as I am about to give birth, any minute now! But usually I never ever plan in January. I'm usually half a stone heavier than usual and I desperately don't want to go back to Slimming World. I have a month long hangover from Christmas. I am depressed. It's dark. I'm miserable. So anything I plan in January feels like a failure and that isn't the right start to my year. So I enjoy wallowing for a month and then starting slowly. I use January in a planner more like a journal. Noting down the fun dates with friends and I start setting small business goals. I like to ease myself in. If I don't, I feel guilty about not fully committing and will end up burning the book!


What do you use your Planner for?

It depends what I am up to really. Last year it was all about my fertility and every month was important as I was trying to get pregnant so I used it to track my cycle. Now at 38 weeks pregnant I am completely freaked out and too terrified to plan anything! After the baby is born I am planning to focus on my business with special attention on branding and content. 

I also use a planner for my fitness goals. I am dreaming about getting back to the gym! Right now I can barely get off the sofa. I love lots of empty pages to brain dump my ideas and I always track my finances and outgoing bills and dates. Oh, and I always have all my utility account numbers handy in my planner. 

Any planning tips?

Don't expect too much. Be gentle with yourself. Ease in slowly and by May/June I usually have my life together! Don't be scared to scribble things out. HIGHLIGHTERS IN ALL THE COLOURS! I love to highlight good dinners with friends and any deadlines too. 

What colour Circle Planner did you get? 

Yellow of course. Bright and cheery like my personality (from Feb onwards)!

You can see Verity's gorgeous wedding photography here, and she is also on Instagram

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